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A new mystery in the life of Bani-Kaushani


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Bonny Sengupta and Koushani Mukherjee are announcing the new film Back to Back. After ‘Night City’ and ‘Happy Victory’, the star couple has released a new movie poster. The name of the picture is ‘Antarjal’.

Director Prarjun Majumder is going to present a bone-chilling picture full of mystery thrills. Kaushani’s name in the film is Lahari, a writer by profession. Bonnie will be seen in the role of her husband Apurba. This time the real loving couple is an onscreen couple. Apurba is suddenly missing on the night of the first wedding anniversary! A publisher named Mallika died that night. From there comes a new twist in the story. The investigation began. The characters of the story fall into the trap of mystery in one incident after another. One new information after another came up in the investigation.

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Apart from Bonnie Kaushani, several actors including Prantik Banerjee, Soumalya Dutt and Triparna have played important roles in the film. The first look poster of the internet photo has been released recently. Bani-Kaushani is seen in a completely new incarnation. ‘Antarjal’ will be released on July 29.

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