Anushka Sharma shares ‘best memories’ of cycling in Maldives with daughter Vamika

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Own report: A small seat on the back of the bicycle. And Anushka Sharma is cycling there with her daughter Vamika. Recently, Anushka shared such a moment of Maldives on social media. The caption reads, ‘Best memories with my two loved ones, give me back.’ It goes without saying that these two of his favorite people are huge and important.

It is clear from this post that Anushka has just returned from a holiday in the Maldives to Mumbai, but her mind is on that blue beach. Virat Gharani is reminiscing about going back to Maldives once again. In the video posted by Anushka, he is seen cycling through the beach and garden adjacent to the resort. Even though the video is one, it has been shot on different days, which can be understood by looking at Anushka’s change of clothes.

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Nowhere in this video posted by Anushka Sharma but the face of girl Vamika was seen. Anushka has posted some pictures on Instagram while on holiday in Maldives. Incidentally, rumors were circulating that she was going to the hospital after returning from a long vacation. Although the news is not true at all. Anushka Sharma will soon play the role of Jhulan Goswami in a movie called ‘Chakda Express’. Playing the role of a sportsman in any film is not an easy task at all. That is why Anushka reached the hospital to seek the advice of a physiotherapist.

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