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Arjun Kapoor hugs paparazzo as he tries to resolve feud at Ek Villain Returns promotions; fans call him ‘real gentleman’


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: The whole shopping mall is decorated with about 6,000 balloons. Present are Arjun Kapoor, Tara Sutaria, Disha Patani. And a crowd of enthusiastic people around them. It was found out that the stars are promoting ‘Ek Villain Returns’ there. But all of a sudden, Arjun Kapoor’s use of a paparazzi caught everyone’s eye.

What exactly did Arjun do?

Arjun Kapoor was seen trying to calm down by pulling a paparazzi to his chest. Arjun told him, ‘They were with me, I will talk. You calm down ‘. But what happened to that paparazzi? It is learned that while taking pictures of Arjun Kapoor, someone told him a few things. The paparazzi angrily followed the man. And then Arjun took charge of calming the agitated paparazzi. Shortly after the incident, they went back and saw Arjun posing with Sutaria.

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Many have praised Arjun Kapoor’s use of the video to make it to the net world. Someone wrote, ‘Arjun is a really good man’. Again in someone’s words, ‘Arjun is really very polite’. Arjun Kapoor will be seen opposite Sutaria in a related villainous film. And John Abraham will be seen opposite Disha Patani.

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