At Sai Pallavi’s place: From now on, I will think twice before speaking

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– Controversy erupted over comments about the extermination of Kashmiri Pandits

– I wanted to say that all religious violence is the same but I will be careful in speaking so that it is not misunderstood from now on.

Mumbai: Southern heroine Sai Pallavi’s statement on the extermination of Kashmiri Pandits was strongly opposed. Petitions were also lodged against him at the police station. Due to all these controversies, Sai Pallavi’s San is now in place. He has announced that from now on he will think twice before speaking.

Sai gave an interview for the promotion of one of his films. Reacting to the Kashmir Files film, he said that the manner in which the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits was portrayed and the incidents of mob lynching of people currently smuggling cattle were similar. Violence has been caused by religion in both.

There were dark repercussions of this statement. A number of Kashmiri pundits lamented Saini’s remarks, saying he had no idea what had happened to us. Many criticized Saini for speaking out without prior notice and for trying to downplay such a horrific incident as the genocide of the Pandits. In some places, police action was also taken against Sai. The Bajrang Dal’s Hyderabad unit had lodged a complaint against him at the local police station and demanded an apology from the entire country.

Following all these controversies, Sai finally uploaded a video on social media. In it, he said he wanted to say that all violence in the name of religion was the same. But from now on, he will think twice before saying anything because his statement can spread a lot of misunderstanding.


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