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Boni-Kaushani is cooking ‘Dal Bati Churma Chachhari’ together!


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Bonnie Sengupta and Kaushani Mukherjee are announcing one picture after another. After ‘Happy Victory’, ‘Internet’, ‘City of the Night’, this time the star pair together in another venture. In a joint venture, they are cooking ‘Dal Bati Churma Chachhari’. Looking at the name, you think, what kind of food?

In fact, it is not a term, it is a new picture of Bonnie Kaushani. However, their responsibility is doubled in this film because they are not only acting in this film, they are also producing the film. A few days ago, they announced their own production house. Their production company is Bonnie Kaushani Enterprise. Their first picture under that banner is going to be ‘Dal Bati Churma Chachhari’. The film is directed by Harnath Chakraborty.

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Dal Bati Churma is Rajasthani food and Chachhari is Bengali food. So why the combination of the two? In fact, the two main characters in the story of this film are a Rajasthani from North Kolkata and a Bengali from South Kolkata. The screenplay of the film is about their love story. Photo shooting started from Monday. The first day of shooting was in Hendua, North Kolkata. Apart from Bonnie Kaushani, the film also stars Rajtav Dutt, Kharaj Mukherjee and many more.

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