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Bonny Sengupta & Koushani Mukherjee’s Rater Sohor look revealed, see the details


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Bonnie is wearing a yellow shirt and blue pants, a pistol in his hand. Kaushani stood beside him, wearing a neat salwar kurta. Kaushani’s face is terrified, she is holding Bonnie tightly with her hands. This is how actors Bonny Sengupta and Kaushani Mukherjee came to the fore on Saturday. This look is not of Bani-Kaushani, but of Orc and Priyanka. Courtesy Director Sayan Basu Chowdhury’s ‘Night City’. Ork-Priyanka’s look for ‘Night City’ has been released by production company Surinder Films.

As seen in the story of the film, Orc and Priyanka both miss the last train. The two talk at the station. Orc takes the initiative to get Priyanka home safely. Then that night became a nightmare for them. Chase them back to the past. Orc-Priyanka’s cat-and-mouse game begins with a killer. The movie ‘Night City’ will go ahead with such a story. Actor Rishiraj will be seen opposite them. In the picture is Alaknanda cave.

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The music of the film is directed by Savvy and Amit Mitra. Meanwhile, apart from ‘Night City’, Rohan Sen’s film ‘Shubh Vijaya’ is going to be released under the banner of entertainment for a while. Bani-Kaushani has tied the knot together there too. They can be seen in the role of a couple. A few days ago, it was heard that a distance had been created between Bani and Kaushani in private life. However, they kept their mouths shut about this. Recently, it is being heard that they have come closer again by taking the turn of pride among themselves.

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