Brahmastra: Ayan Mukerji clarifies on the scene about Ranbir Kapoor entering the temple with his shoes

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Own report: Ranbir Kapoor is running and ringing the temple bell. He also wears shoes again. Recently, the controversy started with the release of the trailer of ‘Brahmastra’. Allegedly, to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. This time director Ayon Mukherjee opened his mouth about this.

Ayan Mukherjee said, “The scene seen in the trailer is not about entering the temple, but about entering the puja of Durga Pujo. Our family has been organizing Durga Puja for the last 75 years. I have participated in this puja since I was young. In my experience, we enter the pandal after the shoes, only on the stage where the idol is. I made this film out of respect for Indian culture, heritage and history. So there is no question of insulting the traditional religion. “

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The film ‘Brahmastra’ is based on Hindu mythology, the existence of God, the presence of divine power and its perception. And this has become clear in the trailer itself. At the center of the story is ‘Shiva’ i.e. Ranbir Kapoor. ‘Shiva is not a superhero here, he is a mythical hero. Who can perceive God. However, the story of the film will be clear after the release of the film. Apart from Ranbir-Alia, Amitabh Bachchan, Mauni Roy, Nagarjuna and many others are also in the picture.

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