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Chandril Bhattacharya & Anindya Chatterjee at Srijato’s show Bangla banan Bengali | বাংলা বনাম বাংলা


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Is there any secret fight between Bengali and Bengali language lately? Or has the Bengali language fallen into a dilemma without understanding it? Otherwise, why such a simple mistake is happening again and again? Poet Shrijat has some such questions in his mind. To find the answer to that question, Sreejith appeared with the new show ‘Bangla Vs Bangali’. Two writers Chandril Bhattacharya and musician, director Anindya Chatterjee were present at the chat with the poet on Sunday.

Sreejith’s discussions with Chandril Bhattacharya and Anindya Chattopadhyay raised the issue of the constant intrusion of Hindi into the Bengali language. There is a lot of protest on social media, but there is no protest against the misuse or use of Bengali language. In this regard, Chandril said, ‘In fact, the anger of the Bengali nation is not very much. However, the moment the social media came, it is seen that it is the responsibility of the Bengalis to get angry every day. Otherwise likes will not be available. This is what is going on now. Must show, I’m the defendant, I can abuse. This tide of anger is actually watching. In fact, but laziness. But you have to show a little revolution, such a feeling. However, Kora is not angry with Bengali. Many Bengalis do not learn Bengali properly. They did not have that love for the Bengali language. Maybe he used to play katakuti in grammar class. There are many Bengalis who did not find Rabindranath’s essay on public interest strong. There is a reluctance forever. ‘

By the way, Sreejith said, ‘We didn’t have to learn Bengali from a young age. It’s not that I had to try too hard to speak healthy Bengali. ‘ In this regard, Chandril said, in fact, Hindi did not enter so much at that time. Everyone around listened to Bengali. Hindi was popular, but did not enter the house. No one could have imagined that Bengali should be spoken like Hindi. ‘Open your ears and listen’, no one used to say this bizarre Bengali then. Nowadays Hindi language films, serials are much more successful, spread in many countries, it was not like that then. I have seen Hindi films only for entertainment before, I have laughed about it again, I thought it is entertainment, but the real pictures are made by Bengalis. Even though I saw Shammi Kapoor’s dance song then, I thought in my mind that it is Satyajit-Satyajit.

Chandril said, I saw in a shampoo advertisement saying ‘cheap shampoo went after heavy’. Language is like a flowing river. Table went after heavy! Now someone said, Chandril was talking in a hoarse voice all the time, I have to ‘endure’. I also understood that ‘you have to endure’, but cheap shampoo can’t go after heavy. Stopped buying cheap shampoo, but it was not said.

Like Anindya in this regard, other language has always lost Bengali. Even before the pujo, good Bengali people used to dance all day long, but at night, dancing to the song ‘Mar Gayi Mujhe Teri Judai’ would be fine. In his words, Hindi or English is always ahead of Bengal because they control the economy. In the words of Chandril, those who are giving the responsibility of writing for this advertisement, he is not giving the responsibility to the person who knows Bengali language properly, ‘Continue with what you know’. The same is the case with cinema. People who know Bengali do not have enough money to invest. Sometimes Chandril said, but there will be no protest on social media.

In other words, in fact, Bengali has not become a practical language. That too is a place of trouble. In words, Chandril said, who nowadays except Shilajit writes or signs the car number in Bengali. Just then Shrijat said my check book, passport, signature of PAN card but in Bengali. However, when entering an office or anywhere else, the security guard is also surprised to write the name or address in Bengali. But in the end, Anindya said, now many students are speaking for the Bengali language, being the defendant is a matter of hope.

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