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Clothing made with blades, netflies terrified to see Urfi


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Clothing is the focal point of the stem. Due to this dress, the names of the heroines come up in the headlines again and again. Starting from the change of clothes and not being fashionable, sometimes it becomes black for the actresses. The one whose name is at the top of the list is Urfi Javed.

Urfi had to face ridicule recently after Eid cleavage revealing blouse. Many have questioned why the actress is wearing such an open dress on Eid day. Earlier, Urfi had faced trolls on social media after wearing clothes with safety pins, paper and candy floss. However, netizens are more concerned about him than trolling him in what Urfi has done this time.

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Urfi made clothes with a sharp razor blade. Earlier, the actress had said that she designs her own clothes. Urfi recently posted a reels video after a dress made with blades. Netizens have expressed panic over his clothes there. Someone wrote, ‘Be careful not to get caught.’ Someone wrote, ‘Be very careful to move.’

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