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Is iron deficiency an after effect of COVID infection? Is iron deficiency an after effect of COVID infection? Experts answer shed light on the signs sources and supplementation


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: When the body is deficient in iron-rich foods for a long time, it becomes deficient in iron. This is normal. But in recent times, the body has not received less iron-rich foods, while the body lacks iron!

Why is this happening? Physicians have found that it is more common in patients with covidosis.

Iron is an essential element for hemoglobin in the human body. It is a protein of red blood cells, it carries oxygen molecules. These particles carry oxygen from the lungs and spread throughout the body. It also has a particle called myoglobin. It is also a protein. It provides oxygen to the muscles.

According to various recent studies, there is a substance called hepsidine. This urgent chemical is excreted from the liver. This chemical is very effective in controlling iron levels in the body. But after being infected with Kovid, the secretion of this hepsidine in the body of the person concerned becomes a little irregular.

And this phenomenon does not allow the hemoglobin and myoglobin to work smoothly. When this happens, iron deficiency occurs in the body. And it makes the body busy in many ways. Even if you are suffering from any other disease, this iron deficiency creates various obstacles to recover from it. It is therefore important to get rid of it quickly.

How can that be matched?

Initially, there is only one way. Giving iron supplement from outside the body to normalize it. There is no direct ‘supplement’ to the drug package, through food. Nutritionists say that people who suffer from this type of iron deficiency should eat regularly – goat meat, chicken, green vegetables, bananas, beets, broccoli, nuts, and dried fruits.

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