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Kaali Poster Row: Delhi court summons director Leena Manimekalai in ‘Kali’ debate


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Naya Tarja around Kali photo poster. This time, the Delhi court sent a summons to director Leena Manimekalai and issued a stay notice. Summons and notices have also been issued against Leena’s production company Talkies Media. The notice said that the cigarette should be removed from the mouth of the Hindu goddess in the poster of the photo.

The poster of Lena’s documentary shows a woman smoking the Hindu goddess Kali Sej holding the satranga flag of the transgender revolution in her hand. From the political arena to the social media (brawl) with the poster of the documentary called ‘Kaali’. Director Leena Manimekalai shared a poster of the documentary on Twitter. Shortly after the poster was shared, Uttar Pradesh police filed an FIR against Lena, citing criminal conspiracy, crimes in places of worship, intentional insult to religious sentiments and disrespectful portrayal of Hindu deities. The FIR also claimed that the film was trying to disrupt social peace.

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Incidentally, this documentary was recently screened at an event at the Metropolitan University of Toronto. The poster of the photo was in the Aga Khan Museum. The Indian High Commission has requested that the poster be removed as it hurts the religious sentiments of Hindus. The Aga Khan Museum authorities issued a statement following a request from the Indian High Commission. According to them, ‘Toronto Metropolitan University has organized 16 short documentaries with the aim of exchanging culture through art. They did not intend to hurt any religion.

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