Karthik will be replaced by Akshay Kumar in Dostana Too

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– Karthik had snatched the labyrinth from Akshay

– There is also talk of Akshay Kumar being the mastermind behind the fall of Karthik Aryan

MUMBAI: Karan Johar’s upcoming film Dostana Too is expected to resume. It is rumored that Akshay Kumar is being replaced by Karthik Aryan, who was earlier dropped as a hero.

In fact, when Karthik Aryan was dropped after a short shoot of Dostana Too earlier, one of the reasons behind Akshay Kumar’s lead was also discussed. Karthik Arya was cast in the sequel to the original Akshay Kumar’s film Bhool Bhulaiya. There was talk of annoyed Akshay cutting off Karthik’s address from Dostana Too. Due to this change, Karan Johar’s Dharma production lost Rs 50 crore.

Now, if Akshay Kumar enters the film, it will prove to be a breath of fresh air between Karthik and Akshay Kumar. Scenes from the film shot with Karthik will be wasted. In addition, many changes will be made in the script keeping in mind Akshay. There is also speculation about how Akshay and Jahnvi will be portrayed in the film.


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