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Kerala actor Shrijit Ravi has been arrested for his indecent treatment of schoolgirls


Navi Mumbai, Ta. 7 July 2022, Thursday

Malayalam actor Shrijit Ravi has been arrested for showing nudity against two minors. The actor is the son of veteran actor TG Ravi and has been arrested under Section 11. The incident took place on July 4 in Thrissur.

This section refers to Section 11 Poxo (Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses), which is designed to protect children from sexual offenses.

According to police, while Shrijit was sitting in his car, the two minors allegedly got out of his car and started performing nudity.

According to a web site, police investigated the incident on the basis of the vehicle. A report said that a case has been registered against Sreejith during the incident and investigation. He has admitted his mistake that his behavior towards the girls was not good. Even before this, the actor was involved in such a case.


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