Neetu Kapoor gets trolled for dancing to O Haseena Zulfon Wali on car’s roof, netizens say ‘what Rishi Kapoor …’

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Own report: Playing in the background Shammi Kapoor’s song ‘O Hasina Zulfo Wali Jaane Jahan’. And with that song, Bauma Neetu Kapoor is dancing on the car. Fellow choreographer Marji Pestonzi. Even at this age, the audience is fascinated by Neetu Kapoor’s performance.

After many years, Neetu Kapoor is returning to the screen holding the film ‘Yug Yug Geo’. In addition to promoting the film, he is also seen as a judge on the reality show ‘Dance Diwane’. Recently that show was frozen in Neetu Kapoor’s dance. The dance scene of Neetu’s song ‘O Hasina Julfo Wali’ has spread through social media.

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The following video has been flooded with comments. Some have even stopped trolling Neetu Kapoor. One wrote, “It seems strange to see you dancing with men, what is Rishi Kapoorji thinking now?” It’s good to be active, but then it’s not okay to dance with men. “Someone wrote again,” Neetu Singh hates you. You have become a little more active since Rishiji left. ” And after Rishiji’s death, it seems that he was waiting for it. ” But again, there are many netizens who have come forward in support of Neetu Kapoor. Responding to such criticism, he wrote, “Change your thinking. It’s been 60 years, she’s a widow, so keep yourself at home, there’s a need to change that. ” Someone said, We don’t know what kind of mental problem he is going through. ” Another user wrote, “Paka Punjabi Kuri! Rishi Kapoor liked this attitude of his”.

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The song that Neetu Kapoor and Hasina Julfo Wali danced with is the super hit song of Shammi Kapoor’s hit movie ‘Tisri Manzil’. Helen was seen dancing with Shammi Kapoor in this song in the film. Incidentally, Shammi Kapoor again became Neetu Kapoor’s father-in-law.

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