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Payal and Sangram took blessings at the 850 year old temple of Lord Shiva before marriage


– Sangram and Payal have completed the function of turmeric and mehndi between family and close friends

Mumbai, Ta. 08 July 2022, Friday

Sangram Singh and Payal Rohatgi are going to name their 12-year-old relationship marriage. Payal and Sangram will tie the knot on July 9. The couple has chosen Agra, the city of love, for their wedding. The pre-wedding function of Payal and Sangram has started. Wedding photos are also being shared on social media.

Leaving Gujarat-Haryana, Payal and Sangram have reached Agra for marriage. Before embarking on a new journey in life, the couple worshiped at the Rajeshwar Mahadev Temple and received the blessings of Lord Shiva. It is said that this temple of Mahadev and Parvati is 850 years old. Currently, Payal and Sangram can also be seen worshiping Mahadev in pictures on social media.

Happiness is seen on the faces of Payal and Sangram while worshiping in the temple. The function of turmeric and mehndi between Sangram and Payal family and close friends is complete.


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