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Pregnant Alia Bhatt Hugs Ranbir Kapoor As She Returns From The Heart Of Stone Shoot


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Just finished Shooting of the Hollywood movie ‘Heart of Stone’. As soon as it was over, Alia Bhatt packed her bags and left for Portugal to return home. When he landed at the Mumbai airport on Saturday night, the enthusiastic paparazzi saw Alia and exclaimed, “Congratulations.” Alia was a little taken aback by the excitement, but she stepped in with satisfaction. One such video has surfaced on Viral Vayani’s Instagram profile. Which is viral as soon as it is posted.

The security guard was carefully taking Alia out of the airport, just when the paparazzi gave the actress a real surprise. Said, ‘Papa V Aye Hai’. Nah, they are not Alia’s ‘Papa’, they are talking about his future child’s ‘Papa’ Ranbir. Ali may not have known that Ranbir had also come to take him home. The actor was sitting barefoot in the car. Meanwhile, hearing RK’s name, he hurried towards the car. Seeing Ranbir, Alia embraced him emotionally saying ‘Baby’. Until then, the security guard closed the car door. It was understood that Ranbir had not informed Alia about his stay at the airport. There has been a flood of comments below the video that has surfaced on Viral Viani’s Instagram profile.

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Incidentally, Ranbir Kapoor flew to Spain with Shraddha Kapoor for the photo shoot soon after the marriage. Alia, on the other hand, is busy shooting for the Hollywood movie ‘Heart of Stone’. Meanwhile, good news has come between the two. Both of them are overwhelmed with that, but there is no way to share the joy of being close to the pressure of work. However, it is learned that Alia will take a break from work for now.

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