Priyanka Chopra presents matching sneakers to husband and daughter, celebrates Father’s Day

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Mumbai, Ta. 20 June 2022, Monday

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas celebrated their first Father’s Day with their daughter Malati. A special photo was shared by Priyanka and Nick during their daughter’s first Father’s Day. Priyanka and Nike posted a beautiful picture on this day to wish the fans Happy Father’s Day. Seeing the bonding of father and daughter on this special day, people are very appreciative.

Most importantly, Priyanka Chopra made Father’s Day very special for her daughter Malati and husband Nick Jonas. Priyanka gifted matching sneakers to father and daughter. Priyanka also specially customized white sneakers.

In the photos shared by Priyanka and Nick, Malati is seen standing with her father Nick Jonas. However, Kapal has not yet shown a glimpse of his daughter’s face. In this photo, Nike is wearing a white towel and white sneakers. The couple also wore white sneakers to their daughter.


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