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Raj Chakraborty shared a pic with Dolphin from Zamaika


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: The island nation of Jamaica is surrounded by the sea. Raj Chakraborty-Subhashree Ganguly is now a small country in the Caribbean. The couple’s partner is son Yuvan. You are in Jamaica and do not spend time in the blue water there! What happens? The star couple had fun in the blue water with dolphins. Picture posted by Raj himself.

Several moments of his jellyfish with the dolphins have surfaced on Raj’s Instagram profile. Sometimes the king is seen hugging the dolphin, sometimes the director is seen kissing the dolphin’s lips. Shubhshree and Yuvan fell into the water wearing blue swim jackets. When I saw my mother, Ivan was also seen touching the dolphin.

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Going to Jamaica, Raj-Shubhsree has once again been locked in a private lens. The caption reads, ‘Take one or two’. Various moments of vacation in Jamaica have come up in the actress’s Insta Story.

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After the success of ‘Habji Gabji’, Raj-Shubhsree first flew to the US with his son to spend his holidays. On the day of leaving the country, the young man was seen walking on a trolley at the Calcutta airport. They reached America before the chariot. He spent time with the expatriate Bengalis in America during the Rath Yatra festival. From there the family reached Raj in Jamaica. They are currently on holiday there.

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