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Ranveer-Deepika: 119 crore bungalow! Deepika-Ranbir are Shah Rukh’s neighbors …


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Celebrities live all over the city of Mumbai, with superstars living in several areas, such as Juhu, Bandra, Pali Hill, Lokhandwala. Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, who live side by side in Bandra, their home is a popular tourist destination in Mumbai. This time another star couple is going to be their neighbor. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone bought new houses in the aristocratic area of ​​Bandra.

Ranbir and his father Jagjit Sundar Singh Bhavanani run a company together. Quadruplex apartments of 18, 18, 18 and 19 floors of a luxury apartment have been registered in the name of that company. The carpet area of ​​this premium property is 11,026 square feet, with an exclusive veranda of 1,300 square feet.

Ranbir Singh and his father bought the apartment for Tk 119 crore. Earlier, Ranbir and Deepika had bought a luxury bungalow in Alibag. Deepika Ranbir currently lives with her parents in another flat in the same old apartment. It is heard that Deepika and Ranbir will soon shift to the most expensive flat in Bandra with their family.

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