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Roddur, a new case filed in the High Court, dismissed the FIR


Arbangshu recruiter: Controversial YouTuber Roddur Roy in the Calcutta High Court on Monday afternoon. A few days ago, Roddur Roy was arrested for talking obscenely to the Chief Minister on social media. This time Roddur Roy filed a case in the High Court. He filed a case in the High Court seeking dismissal of the FIR. Roddur came to the High Court on Monday and settled the case.

At the same time the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate of the lower court has been added to the case. The question has been raised by referring to a context in a lower court order. He was granted conditional bail in Patuli, Hare Street, Chitpur, Lake and Battala police stations on June 26. The court directed that Roddur should publicly apologize by video for insulting the national flag. Roddur Roy got conditional bail on a personal bond of Tk 5,000. Controversial remarks about the national flag can no longer be made, the court ruled. I have to apologize on social media. After his release from jail, he started chanting slogans, ‘May human rights win, win Moksa’.

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Incidentally, on June 6, Roddur Roy was arrested from Goa. He was arrested by the Kolkata Police. Roddur Roy was accused of abusing the Chief Minister on Facebook live. Complaints were lodged against Roddur Roy at Patuli, Chitpur and Hare Street police stations. On the basis of that allegation, cases were first filed under sections 120B, 417, 153, 501, 504, 505 and 509. After that, cases were filed under sections 153A, 465, 46, 47, 479 i.e. defamation, indecent remarks, malicious, criminal conspiracy, hate speech. Roddur Roy was arrested while investigating the case.

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Roddur Roy made a Facebook live about the death of Kek. Roddur Roy also attacked the Trinamool leader Madan Mitra who was present on Nazrul Mancha that day, starting from Rupankar Bagchi’s comment on Facebook Live. This is not where he stopped. After that, Roddur Roy started making vulgar remarks one after another by addressing her as Didi without mentioning the name of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. He questioned not only the Nazrul Mancha incident but also Mamata’s administrative meeting. Roddur Roy also fired at the Chief Minister and Mayor Firhad Hakim over West Bengal politics and corruption. Roddur Roy did not hesitate to use obscene language. After that several complaints were filed in his name and several cases were filed against him. For the time being, YouTube got bail from all those cases.

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