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Rupam Islam at Srijato’s show Bangla banan Bengali | Bengali vs. Bengali


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Is there any secret fight between Bengali and Bengali language lately? Or has the Bengali language fallen into a dilemma without understanding it? Otherwise, why such a simple mistake is happening again and again? Poet Shrijat has some such questions in his mind. To find the answer to that question, Sreejith appeared with the new show ‘Bangla Vs Bangali’. Musician Roopam Islam was present at the chat with the poet on Sunday. And when Rupa is there, what happens if there is no song? So Sunday’s ‘Bangla vs Bengali’ show starts with Roopam’s song.

In Srijata’s words, Roopam Islam has shown an entire generation the language of music, the way of life. There are very few people that people look up to, you are one of the rare people that people look up to, and young people follow you. In this regard, Roopam’s answer, for which I am grateful to the people. In Srijata’s words, ‘these hungry heavy-handed, dying warriors’ these 4 heavy words are together in your song, yet people are listening. And people memorize that. Srijat’s first question to the artist is how did you do this magic? Roopam’s answer is, I speak this language, I have this language in my atmosphere. All kinds of languages ​​coexist in my atmosphere. Just as Hindi and English came to my songs, so did difficult Bengali. Nowhere did people get upset.

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Roopam said, when I started rock music, many people told me that there is no rock in Bengal. But when I made the band, I decided to do the kind of song that I was making. We assumed that no one would listen to our songs, we would be buried under the ground. Maybe after many years someone will dig it out, which is why our band is called ‘Fossils’. By the way, Sreejith said, it has happened in our country, people did not take the work ahead of time, they did not understand. But it feels good that people love you.

Roopam said that once her mother used to write songs. Who was the authorized lyricist of Akashvani. His songs are sung by Pintu Bhattacharya, Ramkumar Chatterjee, Calcutta Youth Choir. I come from this background. According to Roopam, after her mother died in 1992, she stopped writing songs at home. That’s when I started. Roopam Islam’s regret is that even after working as a lyricist for these 30 years, she did not get that much respect. Various awards have been distributed, but he has only been nominated as a lyricist, winning. By the way, Sreejith said that he is also writing film songs nowadays, but the lyricist is not considered that way in the achievement of the song of the film. Whether it is a movie poster or a YouTube release, the lyricist’s name is not there.

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