Rupam Islam On Father’s Day

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Soumita Mukherjee: Sunday is International Father’s Day. This day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June for fathers all over the world. There is a lot of emotion about mother in songs, poems and movies, but there is a lot of unspoken words about father. Poet Ranjit Das wrote that fathers are power stations. The power station is far away from the city. But the whole city is run by him. In Roopam’s life too, the father was the power station, it was felt in the words of his song. Roopam remembers what the father said?

Roopam said, ‘Dad reminds me of a lot of feelings. Those who have seen Roopam Islam single will understand. I have to talk a lot about my father. That is a great history. I share it with the audience. But the affection that blessed the audience I received, my father did not see. My dad had a bad wish that people would accept my song. But my father has seen my rejection much more. My dad saw the HMV record but somehow it got stuck here when the album was first released. Later it became a superduper hit. The first praise comes from Bangladesh. Reached there through piracy. Those pirated cassettes are selling like hot cakes. But the news did not reach the father. My father passed away in 2000.

He further said, ‘To my listeners, I tell my father’s story in the form of a song. My best tribute to my father is to tell the story of my father in a solo show and the way people relate to themselves through these two songs, ‘Dewali P’ which is one of the last album released by Fossils till now. I think so. ‘

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