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Sarah is in love with Vijay Deberakonda!


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Coffee with Karan has been at the center of practice since the first episode. A new episode of this talk show is coming next Thursday. Jahnbi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan will be appearing together as guests in that episode. Before the episode aired, Karan shared a promo for the episode and there was an explosive comment from El Sara.

Sara Ali Khan also came to make coffee with him in the previous season. Then Sara said that she likes Kartik Aryan, and the noise started with that. After that Sara also did a movie with Karthik. Sara got involved with Karthik on the set of that movie. That relationship did not last for them. Recently, while having coffee, Sara said that her ex is the ex of all. So is Sarah separated from Karthik because of multiple relationships? Question netizens.

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On the other hand, she told Sara again who she wants to date. Although at first Sara did not want to take any name, later she said that the actress wants to date Vijay Debrakonda. But Sara is not alone, Jahnbi said that victory is also her crush. After hearing Jahnavi’s words, you ask him the whole question, then do you like him? His girlfriend was restless laughing after hearing the whole question.

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