Shraddha Kapoor’s decision to make a prequel to a female film in the midst of a sequel bet

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– The story of how Shraddha reached Chanderi will be told

– Bollywood creators recycling a movie after it became a hit

Mumbai: There have been many sequels in the Hindi film world, but the prequel has been tried in very few cases. Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao’s hit horror comedy female prequel has been announced. It is claimed that it will tell the story of where all these characters were before they reached Chanderi village.

There is a dearth of stories for new films. The creators have lost confidence in whether the film will be a hit with the new story idea. So they are recycling their old story idea in different ways and making films from it.

Attempts are being made to create a universe of female, wolf and soul films. This means that the characters in these films will enter each other’s films. There have been such Universe experiments in Hollywood. The characters of both Singham and Simba made an entry in Suryavanshi in Hindi films. Now Shah Rukh Khan will also have an entry in the role of Salman Khan’s Tiger in Patan.

Attempts are being made to create a Universe of Horror Comedy with female, wolf and soul characters on the same line. It will be accompanied by a female prequel on a separate track. It will tell the story of what happened in Sara Ali Khan’s life before she reached Chanderi and the other characters in the film.

The shooting of the film is expected to start in August. Shraddha Kapoor has recently completed the schedule of a romantic film in Spain with Ranbir Kapoor.

Recently, Shraddha’s brother Siddhant was arrested in a drug case in Bengaluru.


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