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Sonam Kapoor works out at home, lunches on bhindi in third trimester


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Sonam Kapoor is in the last stage of pregnancy. Sonam is exercising regularly and eating healthy at this important time in her life, and is counting the days waiting for her future child. The actress is trying to spend this time as happy as she can. Husband Anand Ahuja and others in the family are trying their best to keep Sonam in good spirits during pregnancy. Occasionally his various moments are coming up on social media.

Sonam Kapoor’s bodybuilding videos and pictures have recently surfaced on social media. Where the actress has been seen stretching at home. Meanwhile, despite being in London, Anilkanya has confidence in local food at this important time of her life. His instory contains pictures of potato curry, pulses and various local dishes, with the words ‘home cooking’ written on them.

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A few days ago, Sonam Kapoor’s Sadh Bhakshan ceremony was held in London. Where Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor’s family members were. Recently, Sonam Kapoor attended the ceremony of British singer Adele in London. The actress was seen listening to the song with her hand on her baby Anand’s hand on the baby bump.

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