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‘Stay unmarried’, new medicine minister to keep population / stay single


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Alang, who is already trending on social media for his “small eye” comments. This time he came to the headlines by making blunt remarks about population growth in the country. On the occasion of World Population Day, the minister called for awareness on family planning and suggested “solutions”.

The minister tweeted, “On the occasion of World Population Day, let us be a little more aware of the problems of population growth and make conscious choices about having children. Or stay unmarried like me and together we can contribute to a sustainable future. Join the single movement today, ”the minister tweeted.

Mr. Inmar’s funny message has been praised by many people on Twitter. One user wrote, “You have a unique sense of humor. I really like that you mix serious things with elements of humor. “

Some have said that Mr. Inma is the most deserving bachelor after Salman Khan. Incidentally, Mr. Inmar’s comments about the “benefits of having small eyes” are trolls. People in the Northeast still face casual racism. There the minister joked that there are benefits to having small eyes.

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