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The founder of extended a helping hand for the marriage of the minister! Laughter rolls in Netpara


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: If we say that the remarks of Nagaland Minister Temjen Imna Alang have provoked humor on the internet. It is no exaggeration to say that social media is fun with that. After much talk for his ‘small eye’ satire, the Nagaland minister has now become the focus of discussion for posting a screenshot on Twitter. Where it is seen that the name of the minister has come up in Google search.

She has confirmed that she is unmarried. Very humble with that. I don’t even tweet about this every day. He just gave funny answers to questions about his wife on the internet. And, that tweet caught the attention of Anupam Mittal, the founder of He wanted to help the politician something. “I will do nothing,” he wrote.

To this, Temzen Imna Along had a bizarre response. Responding quickly to the tweet, he wrote, “Brother Philhal Hum Bindas Hai. I am waiting for Salman Bhai. ” Tweeting on World Population Day on Monday, she said, “Let’s be a little more aware of the problems of population growth and make conscious choices about having children. Or stay unmarried like me and together we can contribute to a sustainable future. Join the single movement today. “

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