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Uorfi Javed: Cleavage is visible, Urfi got the badge of ‘evil’ girl in Eid Netpara …


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: Coming to Coffee With Karan recently, Ranbir Singh said that repeating any outfit is a nightmare for Urfi Javed. Because Urfi is the new fashion icon. Karan Johar also agreed with Ranbir’s words. On the other hand, Urfi got into controversy because of fashion. The actress fell in the face of Slatshem again.

He has 33 lakh followers on Instagram. He often shares pictures in open clothes. His sensual outfit has become his USP. Urfi has already stated that he designs his own clothes. Bipaka Urfi after a self-designed blouse on Sunday. Sunday was Eid and on that occasion Urfi shared a picture wearing a sari. Urfi in the debate because of him.

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The bust of the actress is evident in the blouse that Urfi is wearing with the sari. Why is Urfi wearing such a blouse on a holy day like Eid? Criticized and discussed actress. Some netizens did not hesitate to slatsham him. Some netizens wrote that Urfi disrespected his religion. Someone wrote that Urfi could have chosen other clothes on the day of Eid. This is not the end, he has been the victim of various misdeeds.

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