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Urfi Javed reacts to Ranveer Singh calling her ‘fashion icon’ on Koffee with Karan season 7


G24 Hour Digital Bureau: He is a skilled actor, I left it out. However, Ranveer’s fashion sense came up in the discussion again and again. Even Deepika did not stop making fun of her husband’s strange clothes. And when that Ranbir praises Urfi Javed’s clothes, then the practice will be different. The question of netizens is did Ranbir find someone like himself!

Recently, season 6 of ‘Kofi Ufath Karan’ came with Ranbir Singh. Where Ranbir called Urfi Javed a ‘fashionista’. Ranbir was asked, which star could have nightmares wearing the same outfit in less time? In reply to this, Urfi said without thinking of Ranbir. Alia was also surprised by Ranbir’s reply. By the way, Urfi Javed is in the headlines mainly because of his clothes. Sometimes he covered the body with aluminum foil, sometimes or sack. Referring to Ranbir Singh, Karan Johar said, “Urfi always does something new.” And then Ranbir said ‘Urfi is a fashion icon’. Urfi Javed himself has responded to such comments of Bollywood’s ‘Khilji’. Throughout the clip of Ranbir’s interview on his Insta Story, Urfi wrote, ‘I can’t think what to say, but Ranbir is very sweet’.

Urfi Javed came to practice for the first time by taking part in the relevant Big Boss OTT. At present, of course, clothing is the main subject of his practice. However, he is not, but the netizens question Ranbir in the face of the praise of Urfi Deepika heard?

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