The Legend of Zelda: The 5 Best Zelda Bosses, Ranked and Link

It’s no secret that Zelda rankings frequently lack diversity, with a few small differences depending on who created the list. No matter how contradictory the list-maker may be, Breath of the Wild is rarely found at the bottom and Tri Force Heroes is rarely seen at the top.

To break up the monotony, we’re highlighting the outstanding qualities of each Zelda game and praising its distinctive accomplishments, even if some of the game’s elements don’t work well.

In the past, we’ve ranked everything from Link’s musical instruments to the top dungeons in the game to the different iterations of Fairy Fountain. Boss fights are what we’re focusing on this time!

Tentalus (Skyward Sword):

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Skyward Sword’s Sands boss encounter is a fan favorite for those who want an action-packed, realistic battle. Before ever encountering the monster, Link must go through the ship’s passageways and avoid tentacles, unlike other bosses in the Zelda series.

The constant storm raging in the backdrop adds to the tension even though the Tantalus boss’s real look might not be as intimidating as anticipated. The battle’s buildup and continued tempest are enough to provide a level of suspense and intrigue despite the slight aesthetic letdown.

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Bulblin King (Twilight Princess):

The Bulblin King makes for a memorable and challenging foe throughout the game, despite the fact that he may not match the format of a typical Zelda boss battle.

This huge pig-like beast keeps coming back, even after being hurled down a bridge twice, making it tough to defeat him. Fighting the Bulblin King is like engaging in a single, lengthy combat that lasts the entirety of your quest as opposed to using traditional boss-fight techniques like focusing on a large eye, weak hands, or a gaping mouth.

These factors work together to create the battle with the Bulblin King a memorable experience that will stick in Zelda fans’ minds for a very long time.

Helmasaur King (A Link to the Past):

Helmasaur King earns a spot on this list because of his mask-based puzzle, even though he lacks the elaborate gimmicks, three dimensions, and 1080ps of later Zelda bosses.

He is the first monster you see in The Dark World, and he represents something far more menacing than the Hyrule you’ve grown accustomed to. His enormous mask, which is bigger than Link himself, begs more questions than it answers.

Crayk (Phantom Hourglass):

Crayk, the game’s boss, exemplifies one of Phantom Hourglass’ best—and occasionally frustrating—features: its deft use of both DS displays to deliver challenging riddles. Being able to turn invisible makes Crayk challenging to find, confront, and defeat.

Despite being invisible, Crayk’s viewpoint is visible on the game’s top screen. The player must use this vantage point to triangulate the boss’s location and decide what to do.

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Parasite Arachnid Gohma (Ocarina of Time):

Gohma first appears as a spooky spider in many Zelda games before evolving into more of a friend than an enemy (until we have to violently destroy it, that is). Of all the Gohma incarnations, we have chosen Ocarina of Time’s version as the best, despite our fondness for Wind Waker’s dragon-antagonizing variant.

This is due to the fact that the fight with this boss in Ocarina of Time is the first and has major significance. We’ll stick with the Ocarina of Time version, though, since we can’t have two Gohmas on this list.

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