A love affair between a 56-year-old millionaire and a 23-year-old girl on Tinder

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Alana: Often people look at us strangely because of the age difference between us

New delhi date. 21 June 2022, Tuesday

Social media has brought people very close to each other. Nowadays many love relationships are also formed through this medium. Today we will learn about the love story of 56 year old boyfriend and 23 year old girlfriend which is very popular in social media. The special thing is that the boyfriend is very rich but the girlfriend says that he will continue to love her even if he goes bankrupt. The couple lives in a British palace.

Jeff Winn met Alana Luke via Tinder. The couple reconciled after two visits. Recently this cute couple got engaged. However, due to the age difference of 33 years between them, many people are also facing questions. The couple lives in a luxurious 11 bedroom home. Alana says she’s engaged to Jeff out of love, not because she’s a millionaire.

The couple loves each other very much and have been together for about 2 years. Jeff gave Diamond earrings as a gift to Alana during his second date. Jeff often gives Alana expensive gifts. Such as Rolex Watch, Audi, Luxury Trip. The list goes on. Alana says he is not a gold digger. Their relationship is as pure as gold.

Alana says that people often look at her strangely because of the age difference between her and Jeff. However she does not pay attention to the rumors. He expressed his feelings that he would love Jeff even though he had nothing and would go bankrupt.

Alana used to live in a rented flat, now her whole world has changed. Everyone from the cleaner to the bartender is at his service. According to Alana, he never wanted all this. He is also ready to make an agreement that he will not inherit this magnificent palace after Jeff.


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