At the age of walking on a stick, an 82-year-old woman ran 125 km in 24 hours and took part in 54 marathons.

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Paris, June 20, 2022, Monday

With strong willpower and confidence nothing is impossible. The 82-year-old woman proved this by running 125 in 24 hours. At the age of walking on a cane, running so fast is nothing short of miraculous. The name of this courageous woman is Barbara Humbert who lives in Val de Ois in France. The woman who committed the crime is named Barbara Humbert. Who lives in the Val de Ois in France.

According to a French newspaper, the woman believes she feels free when she runs. This time, however, the 24-hour marathon experienced relative drowsiness and sleepiness. There was also difficulty in eating and drinking water. There were some other problems when the finishing line was completed but Nadi did not miss the 125 km run.

Her husband continues to motivate her to run. There is no age to learn and achieve. Proving to be physically and mentally fit, the fitness and dedication of an 82-year-old woman is being debated around the world.

Participated in running for the first time in 43 years after learning breathing techniques

In the last 39 years he has run 137 short and medium races and 54 marathons. These include the Paris and New York marathons. Humbert started running at the age of 43. The streak is still not broken.

He first learned proper breathing techniques and started running on the open road in his hometown wearing sportwear. He soon started running in urban races and flower marathons. Injured several times during his running career but did not give up.


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