Hong Kong’s famous floating restaurant sank after the Corona epidemic

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Hong Kong, June 21, 2022, Tuesday

The hotel, famous as a floating restaurant in Hong Kong, has sunk into the sea. The restaurant was brought near the island of Paracel and plunged into the deep sea forever. The Oberdine Restaurant Enterprise said in a statement on Monday that the restaurant could not cope with the adverse conditions and was slowly filling up with water. The depth of the sea where the restaurant sank was more than 1 km. Marine engineers were hired to ensure the safety of the restaurant.

The restaurant, which at one time was crowded and crowded with tourists, was forced to close in March 2020 due to the Corona epidemic. It has been running at a loss since 2013. Its total loss exceeded 1. 127 million. Even if the restaurant was closed, it would cost a lot to maintain.

The company was willing to let the floating restaurant run for free, but no one offered it. The hotel began its funeral on Typhoon Island in Hong Kong. It was the place where half a century had passed. The restaurant was started in 1976 by Stanley Ho, a casino trader. It cost કરોડ 30 million to make. At that point the amount was half.

At the time, the restaurant was considered the bane of Shan Hong. The design of this hotel in particular was very intricate and elegant. The design was similar to that of ancient Chinese palaces. For tourists visiting Hong Kong, the trip was considered incomplete without seeing the hotel. The hotel also features guests ranging from Hollywood actor Tom Cruise to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

The hotel was seen in Hollywood movies depicting Hong Kong. Steven Soderbergh’s famous film Contagion is also involved. The film tells the story of a global epidemic that spread from China. The Contagion film resurfaced after the Corona epidemic broke out. When the hotel was sunk, Hong Kong residents had fresh memories of the hotel. Some even shared photos of themselves with the hotel on social media.


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