Maldives: Infestation, vandalism

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Male, Ta. Tuesday 21 June 2022

On June 21, anti-India extremists disrupted a yoga day celebration in the Maldives. Video of the incident surfaced on social media, showing anti-India extremists entering the Galloway Stadium where people were doing yoga on International Yoga Day. He tossed the tricolor into the stadium and used it to attack those present at the ceremony. Other videos show how the extremists destroyed the venue and also damaged food stalls set up for the people.

According to the report, the event was organized by the Indian Mission in Maldives in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Development. Diplomats, government officials and Maldivian ministers were present at the event when the extremists arrived at the stadium.

The program, which began at 6:30 a.m., was halted after extremists stormed it. Tear gas had to be released to remove the stimulated Islamic extremes of the police so that the situation did not reach physical conflicts.

The Maldivian president has said an investigation has been launched

Following the incident, Maldivian President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih issued a statement saying that Maldivian police had launched an investigation into the incident at Gallohu Stadium this morning. This is a matter of grave concern and those responsible will be brought to justice soon.


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