Sea volcanoes can drive the whole world, even unpredictable; Find out what happened to these torn volcanoes in New Zealand ….

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– Scientists are preparing to build an early warning system for underwater volcanoes, but success is still in doubt.

Wellington, Ta. 21 June 2022, Tuesday

The Tonga volcano near New Zealand erupted on 15 January 2022. The eruption was followed by a tsunami. However, no scientist had any idea about this. Anayas had taken photos and videos of her before an American satellite explosion flew over her.

The epicenter was reported 139 years ago, in the summer of 1883, when a volcano erupted in the Gulf of Sunda, between the islands of Java and Sumatra. The blast was so powerful that clouds of ash and smoke flew into the sky. The volcano emitted 25 cubic kilometers of debris. The hot ash, lava and tsunami killed thousands. The name of this volcano is Krakatova. It is noted as the most terrifying volcano in history.

Contact was lost due to the Tonga explosion:

A volcano erupted in Tonga, breaking the communication line below the sea. The South Pacific nations lost contact with the rest of the world. The eruption was followed by millions of lightnings and a second wave of shockwaves across the globe. One million people living on the islands around Tonga were affected by natural disasters.

Difficult to find marine volcanoes:

The biggest problem for scientists is that the study of underwater or underwater volcanoes is very difficult. Even if any kind of seismic movement occurs before the eruption of these volcanoes, it is not felt due to water pressure. These types of volcanoes are also very difficult to find.

Creating an early warning system –

Scientists are now investigating such volcanoes. Preparations are under way to create an early warning system for underwater volcanoes, which will provide information on the current state of volcanoes as well as when a volcano will erupt. So that information can be obtained before a natural disaster strikes and people’s lives can be saved.

Scientists are scared to see the volcano

Following the volcanic eruption in Tonga, NIWA (New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) sent a ship to study there. He made a map by studying 1 thousand square kilometers of sea around the volcano. Scientists were also shocked to see his pictures during the study.


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