Who is the most beautiful woman in the world? Got the answer

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New Delhi, Dt. 21 June 2022, Tuesday

It is natural that everyone likes to look gorgeous. However, the question of who could be the most beautiful face in the world has now been answered.

The answer has been given by Dr. Julian Silva, a British surgeon. According to state of the art mapping data, American actress Amber Heard is the most beautiful woman in the world. Amber has also surpassed Kim Kardashian and British supermodel Kate Moss in this regard.

He used the Greek golden ratio to measure the beauty of the face, also called beauty fee. This formula has been used for thousands of years to measure the perfect face.

The mapping measured amber’s eyes, nose, lips, chin and facial shape.

Dr. Julian Silva says that we use a computer mapping technique and based on that accurate conclusions can be drawn.

In terms of beauty, Kim Kardashian is second and British model Kate Moss is third. Both faces are 91.39 percent and 91.06 percent accurate, respectively.


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