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Avoid Hair fall in Monsoon

Avoid Hair fall in Monsoon: If hair starts falling in monsoon, then use this seed, the effect will be visible

Avoid Hair fall in Monsoon:

If You think How to Avoid hair fall in Monsoon, Then this tips are very useful for you:

Monsoon moisture also affects the hair. In the rain, the hair starts breaking and falling due to sweat and stickiness. Due to which the hair gets bad. In such a situation, it is necessary to take good care of the hair. The right time should be known from oil to shampoo in hair. So that the dirt accumulated on the scalp can be cleaned. Because due to the dirt accumulated on the hair, the hair starts breaking more. That is why it is important to adopt some tips to prevent hair breakage.

How to Protect Hair fall in Monsoon:

If you search best way to protect hair fall in Monsoon then this tips are very useful for you.

Avoid Hair fall in Monsoon

Kalonji seeds help a lot in preventing hair fall and growing new hair. With their help, not only does the hair get nourishment, but they also remove the dryness of the hair. Due to which the hair starts looking soft and silky. There are many benefits of applying Kalonji oil in the hair. If the problem of premature graying of hair is bothering you, then definitely apply Kalonji oil. It also helps in keeping the scalp healthy.

Due to which problems like fungal infection and itching caused by rain do not bother. If you are thinking of applying Kalonji oil in hair. So let’s learn how to use fennel oil.

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Monsoon Hair Care tips:

First of all, take equal quantity of fennel seeds and coconut oil. For example, if you have taken two spoons of fennel seeds, then take two spoons of coconut oil along with it. Mix these two together. You can increase or decrease its quantity according to the length and need of your hair. Heat coconut oil and fennel seeds in a bowl.

When it becomes hot, cool it down a bit. So that it can be easily applied by hands. Now divide all the hair into separate sections and apply it on the scalp. And leave it for about thirty minutes. Then wash the hair with shampoo. By applying it two to three days a week, the hair will become frizz free and smooth.

This is the best Monsoon Hair Care tips If the hair is falling too much and new growth is not happening. So mix the middle of the fennel with castor oil and apply. For this, mix the middle of two spoons of fennel in one spoon of castor oil and keep it. Then heat it. Apply this oil on the scalp and leave it. Massage with light hands for about ten minutes. Especially in those parts of the head where hair is falling more. Wash the hair with shampoo after about an hour. Using it once a week continuously, the effect will be visible after a few weeks.

Note: This information is totally based on the research, If you will get any problem then We are not responsible for this, Please take suggestion from your Doctors.

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