What are Computer Networks and types of computer networks ?

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 Hello Guys ! Welcome to my blog, Friends in this blog we will talk about What are Computer Networks and What are the types of computer networks ?
All devices and gadgets are connected to each other by the help of networks. We all use the internet in computers and mobiles, but have you ever wondered how we are able to use internet on these devices and how to send data from one device to another ?
If you don’t know, it doesn’t matter. In this article, we will tell you how we are able to use internet and how to send data from one device to another.
In this article we will learn about computer networks :-
  1. What are Computer Networks ?
  2. Types of Computer Networks 
  3. Advantages of Networks 
  4. Uses of Networks
  5. Networks Technologies.

What are Computer Networks:-



In a computer network, a computer or system is placed in such a way that two or more computers can communicate with each other and exchange data or information. 
For example, an office consists of several departments and each department has a computer. If we connect computers with each other in such a way that these computers can communicate with each other and transfer data, then this process is called computer network.
The transfer of data and information from one device to another device is called Data communication and it is done with help of computer network.  The all type of device that support network may be connected with cables or wireless.
Sometimes the many computers are connected to the big computer and these computer are known as main computer and all other computer are connected to the main computer and main computer are called the server, and all other computers are called Clients and Nodes. 
So you will understand what are computer networks ? Now lets explain about types of computer networks ? 

Types of Computer Networks:-

Computer Networks are classified into three categories :-
  1. Local Area Network (LAN)
  2. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
  3. Wide Area Network (WAN)


Local Area Network (LAN):-

In the local area network, the devices are connected with each other and the distance between these systems is very less like maximum distance is 1 kilometer. In a local area network, two or more computers are connected through terminals and differential ports, and data or information is exchanged. Due to the short distance between the two systems, data transfer is very fast and it is cost efficient as compared to another network.
for example :-
Many employees work in an office and all have computers and computers are connected to local area networks and perform data exchange process with the help of cable.
Metropolitan Area Network:-
The stand form of MAN is  Metropolitan area network , that are cover an entire cities. And the television that we watch at home, uses the ATM, all the process is done through the metropolitan area network.
for example :-
Cables network, that are shows us all channel on our television is actually a Metropolitan area network (MAN). It is also used in sharing the hardware and software resources between the computers of the networks.

Wide Area Network :-

We all know that the use of world wide communication network has increased. It connected many devices and computers in Wide area network with thousand of kilometer as well as it spread on many continent. 
The transfer speed of data in WAN is very slow as compared to LAN because data size in wide area network is also big. The wide area network (WAN) have also been constituted for the purpose of education and research fields.
Now guys all of you will understand What are Computer Networks and types of computer networks ?
So lets understand Advantages of Computer Networks

Advantages of Computer Networks:-

There are many advantages of computer networks that are given below :-
  1. Resource sharing 
  2. High Speed
  3. Data Security 
  4. Group Messaging

Resource Sharing :-

In computer network share data to device which are attached in different networks, and save cost of computerization.

High Speed :-

In computer network data transfer from one device to another is very fast and valuable for time saving and messages can be transmitted fastly.

Data Security :-

Data transfer security level is very high in computer network, we can easily keep important data after transmission.

Group Messaging:-

As the name group messaging means we can share data and messages in group forms and message received to multiple users. 

Uses of Computer Networks :-

Internet :-

Internet is the biggest and most powerful network in the world. At present time all devices connected to Internet and Internet is also connected to network and huge amount of data transfer.


The stands form of E-mail is Electronic mail and help of E-mail data can be easily transfer from one device to destination, and it is very cheap method of communication.

World Wide Web (WWW):-

The www is a example of database which are spread in the worlds, all type of information are stored in the database.


If you are create website then you can easily share your knowledge, skills and information on the Internet.

File Transfer Protocol:-

As the name indicate File transfer protocol means you can easily transfer file (Documents, Media files, Data) to the connected computer.

Network Technologies :-

Network Technologies basically classified into two categories:-
  1. Wired Networks
  2. Wireless Networks

Wired Networks:-

These technologies based on physical medium or wire to connect a computer to another computer on the network.
For example:- Twisted Pair Cables, Coaxial Cables, Fibre Optics etc.

Wireless Networks:-

These technologies don’t required physical medium or wire to connect two or more computers on a network, called Wireless Network. Basically these technologies used space as the transmission medium and send radio waves to move data from one machine to another.
For example:-

Wi-Fi :-

Wi-Fi is mostly used as Local Area Networks (LAN) devices. It is available on wire and wireless but maximum time we used wireless network for transmission the data.

Infrared :-

It is an electromagnetic spectrum which are contains many different wavelength. Infrared technologies used in television remote control, Remote controls and infrared data (IrDA).


Bluetooth is a low power radio technology which is used to replacing the cables for connection two or more devices. It is developed by the Swedish Telecommunication Manufacturer Ericsson. Bluetooth is widely used in mobile to share the data and computer, laptops and free wireless systems. 
Compared to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth speeds are not impressive, but they are efficient to transferring small amount of data. 

Conclusion :-

In this article you must have read that :-
  1. What are Computer Networks ?
  2. Types of Computer Networks 
  3. Advantages of Networks 
  4. Uses of Networks
  5. Networks Technologies.
I think this informative article (What are Computer Networks ) is useful for you. 
Thank You.


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