What is Network Security ? Types of attacks | Security Goals

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Friend ! In today my article is based on What is Network Security ? Guys we are living in era of Information all Information is must important for us and we need to keep information about every aspect. We can say that information is like an asset. Information asset value is similar to the another asset value.


At this age we need to secured our asset means information from cyber attacks and hacking. Information is shared from one device to another device.






What is Network Security :-


Network security is made up of two words Network and Security, so we first need to know about the network, Network means transferring data by connecting two or more devices via wire or wireless. Then now understand what is Network Security ? Network security means protecting data or information from cyber attacks and unauthorized access. It is a protection guard of our data and information that protect from cyber attacks. Hardware and software data are made more and more secure through network security so that there is no theft or change in data. There are some network security experts who protect our data against hacking attacks.

Its size is used to ensure network security means Basic Network Security and High Network Security.

In Basic Network Security, small group network devices are secured and large amount of network group is handle by the High Network Security. Like Antivirus, Access Control, Network Monitoring.

Network Security secure our information in 4 ways :-

  • Secure
  • Monitor
  • Test
  • Improve

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