apple launches water bottle

Apple launches Water Bottle: You will be surprised to know the price, know all the information

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Apple launches Water Bottle:

Where Apple used to have an iPhone, the company has now launched a product that people will like very much. Actually, Apple has launched a water bottle. You will definitely be surprised to hear its price. The company has kept its price at $ 59.95. At Indian prices, it is around Rs 4,600.

Apple had earlier launched the polishing cloth for around Rs 1,900. This is how the bottle has been launched. The bottle has been launched in the US by a trillion-dollar company HidrateSpark. The HidrateSpark water bottle costs $59.95 or approximately Rs 4,600 on Apple’s website and retail stores. At present, it has been launched only in the US.

apple launches water bottle

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What is special about this Apple Bottle:

Features of Apple Water Bottle: Now it is very important to know why this water bottle is smart. This bottle will keep track of how much water or fluid you are consuming in a day. It can be synced with Apple Health. Like the iPhones.

Apple Water Bottle Price:

The HidrateSpark also comes in two variants. One is HidrateSpark Pro and the other is HidrateSpark Pro Steel. They cost $59.95 and $79.95 respectively.

The HidrateSpark Pro STEEL comes in two colors. One Silver and the other Black. It has an LED sensor at the bottom which reminds you to drink water. It also alerts Apple Health via Bluetooth connection.

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