Profile photos and statuses can now be hidden from unwanted individuals; Follow these steps Profile photos and statuses can now be hidden from unwanted people; Follow these steps

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WhatsApp is bringing one new feature after another for its users. In the same vein, this social messaging site has brought another powerful feature. With this feature, users can hide their profile photo, last scene status and anyone from their contact list. Although this feature has been in beta for some time now, WhatsApp has announced that it is now rolling out to all iOS and Android users.

Until now, users have seen three privacy options in the settings: Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody (Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody). With the advent of this feature, they will now see an additional option called My contacts except. By clicking on this option, users will have to select the specific contacts from which they want to hide their details.

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It’s worth noting that if a user chooses to hide their last scene from contacts, you will not be able to see the last scene of others. This option can be accessed from the Privacy section in Account Settings.

All you have to do is open WhatsApp and go to settings to hide details like your profile picture, last scene etc. from a certain person. Then click on Account. Then you have to go to privacy. After that, here you can choose from which people in your contact list you want to hide your details.

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Earlier, WhatsApp introduced a new feature for group calling, which allows you to mute anyone in a group chat. However, if a person forgets to mute himself during a voice call, the feature of muting someone on the call will be beneficial. However, participants can unmute themselves at any time by pressing the Unmute button.


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