WhatsApp Group Video Calls Get More Features

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WhatsApp Group Video Calls: WhatsApp is determined to provide various benefits to its customers at different times. WhatsApp has recently brought another update to its group calling feature. From now on, during group calls, group hosts will be able to mute members who cannot mute themselves for any reason.

Although the number of WhatsApp group members has increased before, many special features were missing in group calls. But in the end, with this latest update, WhatsApp’s group calling feature became more effective.

WhatsApp said, “From now on, group hosts will be able to mute members who can’t mute themselves or forget for any reason during group calls.” Will Cathcart, CEO of WhatsApp, said, “In addition, a new indicator feature has been added to the group call. This will indicate to the group host who is joining any large number of group calls.

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In April this year, WhatsApp increased the number of first group video call members to 32. Until now, only 6 members of WhatsApp could join a group video call at once.

WhatsApp said in a blog post, ‘Users will also show the names of the members participating in the call on the incoming screen when the group voice call arrives on the WhatsApp number. The first person on the list will have to understand that someone has added this group call. Users can go to ‘CALLS Tab’ to know the history of group voice calls. In addition, group members can join the group video call via missed call at any time, provided the call is active at that time.

How to call WhatsApp group

1. Open the group chat you want voice calls to.

2. You can tap the group call option if the group has more than 32 members.

3. If there are more than 33 members, you can announce your decision by tapping the voice call, the first 6 members who will respond can participate and in this case only group members can join.

4. To join someone you need to find out their number and click on the voice call option and turn on the call.

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