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Facebook is changing the design of its groups feature to make it look like Discord


The group feature in Facebook is being redesigned. Facebook to its groups now DiscordTrying to give a look like. You must know about Facebook group. Other users can be added to it by creating different topic based groups. Groups can be private or open. Private groups can only be joined with the consent of the group admin while anyone can join the open group and post anything (most often it happens to create a group on Facebook with a specific topic or purpose in mind but keep it open). Other people who join will start posting things in the group other than the original purpose or topic, The same thing happens with WhatsApp!). Facebook can’t do anything about it, Also among those who play online multi-player games Discord
Chatting is extremely popular. It can create channels of various games and chat with other users. Facebook groups have been given the same feel as Discord.


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