Google Privacy Policy Updates

Google Privacy Policy Updates: Users can request removal of personal information from Google search results

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Google Privacy Policy Updates: The goal of Google’s new policy is to prevent the misuse of personal information. Allegations of personal follow-up or theft of personal information have been made more than once. Now Google has been activated to deal with this kind of problem. From now on, users will be able to request the removal of their personal information from Google search results through a special feature.

Michelle Chang, Google’s head of search policy, said that with the expansion and development of the Internet, there have been some difficulties. Users’ personal information is being unwittingly published in places that cause the user trouble. This information is being used illegally and without informing the user.

Google Privacy Policy Updates

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Google Privacy Policy Updates 2022:

“This feature is being brought in line with our policies and protections,” Chang said. According to the report, Wednesday’s notification was given about personal contact info. This personal contact info contains email id, real address, phone number and other personally identifiable information. It has also been reported that users can also request removal of their login credentials.

This will help protect users from identity theft and hacking. You can start a removal request by going to Google’s help page on the subject, you will be asked for the URL where the personally identifiable information is stored. The form allows users to submit up to one thousand URLs.

More detailed information about Google’s privacy policy:

Google Privacy Policy Updates: Google reports that “when we receive a request for information removal, we evaluate all content on the web page so that we do not block access to information such as news items. We will also look into whether the content is part of the public record of an official or official source website, if so, the information cannot be removed. “

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URLs containing personal information will not appear in Google search results. So, it will delete the URL of the web search which contains the username in other cases It is important to know that Google is able to prevent an item from appearing in its search results.

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