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Instagram account can now also be deleted from the app, although …


In general, social media sites strive to keep their users active on their platform more and more. In addition to serving content that may be of maximum interest to the individual user, often in different ways, Methods like sending different types of notifications are tried.

So that the user is not permanently removed from those social media platforms, The process of deleting one’s own account is also made as difficult as possible for the user!

Like you opened an account on Instagram and then you haven’t seen anything in it for a long time and you think you have to delete your Instagram account, So you may have noticed that there is no way to delete an account in Instagram’s mobile app! If you only use Instagram in the mobile app, you will find a way to delete the account.

Instagram has so far only allowed account deletion in its web version. That means we have to open the site in a browser in PC, Login and then delete the account only from there. In a country like India, most people have mobiles but not all have PCs. So they can’t delete their Instagram account, As a result, keep trying to activate them by sending notifications and dragging them back to Instagram!

Now this situation is changing a bit. Apple has tightened the rules for downloadable apps in its App Store. As a result, the company now has to at least delete the account from the Instagram app for Apple devices. Most of the rules for Apple’s store are imitated in Android’s Playstore, so the facility to delete an account from Instagram’s app in Android is likely to be available sooner or later.


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