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You may be using an in-app browser, but don’t know about it


You know how many browsers your smartphone has? generally,
Your phone belongs to a company, Such as Samsung, He has installed his own browser app. It may also have the Google Chrome browser app already installed. You have Microsoft Edge in it for experimentation,
Firefox also has other browser apps like Mozilla or Opera installed.

But someone tells you that your phone has a lot more browsers than the two or four browsers listed above., So believe me?

But this is a fact!

In the Facebook app in your smartphone, What happens if you click on a link placed by a friend?? Or, What happens if you click on a link in the mail in the Gmail app??

If so, If the link is to any webpage on the Internet, it is obvious that clicking on that link, The default browser app (any of the above) in your smartphone opens and the webpage of the link you clicked should open in it. That was a while back, But that doesn’t happen now!

Link to Facebook, Opens in Facebook’s own mobile browser and link in Gmail, Opens in Gmail’s own browser.

What is an in-app browser?

Facebook now, In Gmail and many other real apps, Its developers have started adding browser feature to their app so that their users do not go to any other app. To this In-appBrowser k Web-view
Also says.

Both Android and iOS smartphones have started using various apps in-app browser in this way. Everyone’s main purpose is the same – the user should not go out of their app and go anywhere else!

Due to in-app browser, You click on a link while viewing Facebook, So soon Facebook’s own webview interface opens and you can view any webpage on Facebook’s browser! The webpage opens quickly, But you have to look at it in the browser of Facebook.

Such an in-app browser or web-view can only work in the app for which it is designed, It cannot open in its own way, It can only be opened in the app.

Than clicking on any web page in PC, It opens in the default browser, But that hasn’t happened in mobile. Here every app seems to have its own browser!

There is another thing to note. Most of the time, after opening such links in the in-app browser of those apps, we can open them in the browser of our choice if we want.

This feature is good or bad?

This feature of in-app browser is good or bad for us,
It’s up to us how we use the app – it may not even come to your notice yet!

An in-app browser is a good feature for you if you believe in doing one thing at a time. The page on the link loads faster due to the in-app browser. When using Facebook, If you want to go back to Facebook after seeing the links in them or if you want to continue working in Gmail after opening the link in Gmail, then Facebook or Gmail’s in-app browser is suitable for you.

Click on the other links in the page that opened in the in-app browser, So even those that open in the in-app browser.

But after clicking on that link you want to move on to the open field of the internet and Chrome, If you want to take advantage of browser features like Firefox designed for surfing the internet, then an in-app browser is not for you.


Mostly in-app browser …

You can see by opening only one link at a time. You cannot open new tabs.

You cannot type a new URL because these browsers do not have an address bar!

The in-app browser does not store your login information so you have to go to a site where you have to re-type everything if you have to enter a password.

Find in pageAnd Open desktop siteThere are no such options.

If you want to view a webpage later, browsing history is not an option, so you can look it up again by looking at the original page.

No site can be bookmarked. Saving a link to a URL is often a different option.

Thus there are both advantages and disadvantages of in-app browser. The advantage is that you can stay in the app and continue your work related to it. The disadvantage is that in such a browser, Features like browsers developed exclusively for surfing!

However, it is also worth noting that in an app like Facebook, if you want to click on a link, it will open in your default browser instead of the in-app browser., So you can find the option for that by doing a little digging in the settings of the app.


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