Actor Riddhi Sen tests COVID positive

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 Riddhi Sen tests COVID positive:

Actor Riddhi Sen tests COVID positive

Riddhi Sen tests COVID positive: The third wave of coronavirus has knocked in the whole country. The situation in the state is also not good. One after the other, common people as well as celebrities are being attacked. Corona’s claw is getting wider in Tollywood too.

Actor Riddhi Sen covid Positive has been added to the list of Corona infected celebrities. Riddhi’s mother actress Reshmi Sen is also in the grip of Corona (Riddhi Sen Covid Positive). After that Riddhi was attacked, its information was received on Friday night.

Riddhi Sen covid Positive shared the news of Corona’s attack on his social media page. Riddhi wrote in her Instagram story about the corona attack, ‘Today my corona test report came positive. I have put myself in quarantine. I urge everyone who has come in contact with me in the last 72 hours to take the necessary precautions.

The top 6 stars of Tollywood had attacked Corona yesterday. Corona positive actor MLA Soham Chakraborty. The actor posted on social media saying that he and all his family members are affected by Corona. Also, the actor has requested everyone to follow the safety rules of Corona.

Tollywood is almost injured in the corona cough. 7 stars in the first row who attacked Corona in Tollywood in one day. Corona infected Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Rudranil Ghosh, Reshmi Sen, Mimi Chakraborty, Rukmini Maitra, and Dev.

After Mimi Chakraborty, Rukmini Maitra was attacked by Corona. Rukmini was already suffering from fever. His corona examination was done on the advice of the doctor. Then his corona test report came positive. He himself shared this news on social media.

Since the arrival of the third wave of the corona, one corona after another is affecting celebrities, Some people have symptoms, some don’t. Some people have different types of physical problems. Everyone is keeping themselves in isolation at home. and follow the necessary precautions. 

Sreelekha Mitra has recently got corona. His body was going bad for several days. He said on social media. At the same time, his corona test report has come positive.

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