Aspirants Web Series Review | A Story of an IAS aspirants

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 Today we will talk about the Aspirants Web Series Review which is totally based on a story of IAS aspirants.

Aspirants Web Series Review
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TVF i.e. The Viral Fever is the media group that takes pride in creating the first OTT series in India. Whenever there is talk of high-quality content on a low budget on OTT, then the name of TVF is definitely taken.

The last episode of the Aspirants series of just 5 episodes with some such high expectations and content quality has just recently been seen on YouTube.

Web Series  Name



Premier on (Channel Name)      

YouTube TVF)


Comedy and Drama


No. of Episodes



Created by

Arunabh Kumar Shreyansh Pandey

Directed By

Apoorv Singh Karki

Written by

Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish


4.1 /5


Aspirants Trailer:

Aspirants Web Series Cast:

Naveen Kasturia

Abhilash Sharma


Shivankit Singh Parihar

Gurpreet Singh (Guri)


Abhilash Thapliyal

Shwet Ketu Jha (SK)


Sunny Hinduja

Sandeep ‘Bhaiya’

Namita Dubey



Kuljeet Singh

Walia Uncle

Bijou Thaangjam

Pema Rijiju

Neetu Jhanjhi

Walia Aunty

Nupur Nagpal


Abhishekh Sonpaliya

Abhilash’s PA

Darius Chinoy

Abhilash’s boss

Preeti Agarwal Mehta

Anuradha Tiwari IAS

Sandeep Sharma

Manohar Prakash Sir

Jaspal Sharma

S. Chandrakant

Aspirants Web Series Story:

 The story begins with IAS officer Abhilash (Naveen Kasturia) Who is telling the common people how the bottle should be thrown at the Delhi bus stand. In the very next scene, Shvetaketu i.e. SK Sir (Abhilash Thapliyal) is teaching the newly recruited students of his academy how to clear the UPSC. Here is a good motivational speech.

Now here comes the entry of the third boy Guri aka Gurpreet (Shivankit Singh Parihar) who is about to get married. In Flashback 2012, these three are very good friends, all three are preparing for UPSC and this is the last attempt of two of the three, Abhilash and Shvetketu.

Now in four out of these five episodes, the story of the approach towards a life of these three (especially Abhilash), lady luck, struggles and failures about backup, and mutual quarrels is told.

The biggest feature of this story is that every second student and every third person can connect with it. But the biggest drawback is that even though the story is complete, it seems incomplete.

How important is life in pre-mains and life, it has been told very well and very cleverly it has also been tried to explain that pre-mains are also part of life.

Let’s talk about direction and screenplay. It has creator/writer Arunabh Kumar, Shreyansh Pandey, and Dipesh, while the direction is in the hands of Apoorva Singh Karki. Apoorva has been associated with TVF for a long time. His direction is unmatched.

Before changing the attitude, be it changing the glasses or filling the potholes of the road to change the approach of life, more than one metaphor has been created. However, its credit should also be given to the writers.

The screenplay is in very tight control. The love story angle is a good direct one, with ‘Humne Tumko Dekha, Tumne Humko…’ in the background also fits very well. Then the mention of the Aadhar card scheme in the Manmohan Singh government makes the story more realistic.

Talking about the dialogues, apart from a lot of emotional and motivational dialogues, there are also two humorous dialogues:

Aspirants Web Series Dialogues:

मुझे आईएएस इसलिए बनना है क्योंकि मैं चेंज ला सकता हूं, मुझे चेंज लाना है.’

‘तूने उसकी आंखें देखीं?’ – ‘हां तो तुम भी आंखें ही देखो न चश्में में काहे घुसे हो?’

‘और हमारा क्या? यहां दिल चाहता है चल रही है? मैं सैफ अली खान हूं?’

लहरों से डर कर नौका पार नहीं होती, और कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती.

Patience, Perseverance and Dedication, ये जिसके अंदर सबसे स्ट्रांग होगा न, बन जायेगा आईएएस.

UPSC  कर रहे थे तो बहुत कन्फ्यूज्ड थे हम, की Plan B होना चाहिए या नहीं होना चाहिए, Plan B का असली मकसद तो बैलेंस बनाना है न? राइट!

LBSNAA से शुरू नहीं होता उपस्क का ट्रेनिंग, यहाँ से शुरू होता है, प्रिपरेशन से.

Naveen has already shown his acting skills in TVF Pitchers. Here he has already appeared 21. Abhilash has tied the knot. All his dialogues (including the above) make one laugh and think together.

Shivkit is stuck in his character, His motivational speech on Chai Tapri is great. Namita Dubey is also good, her character could have increased. Kuljeet Singh, who became a landlord, is a great artist, cannot live without being noticed. Neetu Jhanjhi has also won a scene.

Nupur Nagpal’s role was loud, he has played overloaded, it is good.

Sunny Hinduja is Sri Krishna of this series. Even a little presence in every episode proves to be life-threatening. His last speech is terrific, sums up the whole series.

Tusshar Malik’s background music is very good. Both the songs and especially the reprise version of ‘Mohabhang Piya’ have turned out to be very good.

George John and Arjun Kukreti have also worked hard in cinematography. Be it explaining the essence by showing a cup of tea or blurring out Sunny Hinduja standing in the background while Naveen gets wet, every shot is terrific.


The story of this five-episode web series has been written in a very wonderful way. In this, along with the middle class, youth have also been targeted. The story is shot in a very simple way. It has also been shown in this that in order to fulfill your dream, you do not know what things you have to sacrifice.

Overall aspirants you will get every problem except financial problems related to student life. Some of the solutions will also be found. There are also chances of changing attitudes towards life.

But if your focus is to be shown ‘how to study to clear pre and mains’, then you might be disappointed. For what is reading and how to read, the sponsors have created an Unacademy app, which you can see fiercely promoted in this series. Yes, the solution of how to pass the test of life can probably be found in this series.


1. Where to watch Aspirants Web Series?

Ans: You Can watch Aspirants Web Series on YouTube Channel The Viral Fever (TVF).

2. How many episodes are in the Aspirants Web Series?

Ans: There are 5 episodes in Aspirants Web Series.

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