Nitendo Switch price in india

Nintendo Switch price in India | 2021

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 In this article, I will give a brief introduction about the Nintendo Switch price in India.


Nintendo Switch price in India



Do you love the games then I am highly sure that you will listen to the name of Nintendo because it is the biggest gaming company to make different games like Super Mario, Pokemon Go-PGSharp Activation key, and many more games?

So In this article, We will talk about the Nintendo switch price, its specification and overall we can say that we will do a review about the Nintendo Switch and also discuss the Nintendo Switch price in India.


Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch price in India
Image Credit: Nintendo


The Nintendo switch basically a gaming console that can use to play different types of games. The Nintendo Switch is becoming a very popular console. Nintendo company is one of the largest gaming companies in the world.


The main branch of Nintendo is located in Kyoto, Japan. This company has given great games like Super Mario and Pokemon Go. This gaming switch officially released on the 3rd March 2017.


Even today, there has been no decrease in its popularity, due to which its demand is increasing. It looks like a portable device and you can be easily used in any place.


The Nintendo Switch easily supports traditional games as well as online games and you can easily connect with another console through the local wireless hoc connectivity. I think that this feature is awesome.


The software and games of this gaming console are available in both physical flash-based ROM and digital form which you can use in this gaming console.

Nintendo switch specification:


The Nintendo Switch comes with the great features:


It has three modes to play a game:


TV Mode

Tablet Mode

Handled Mode.


The screen size of this console is 6.2 inches. Whose resolution is 720p. Due to which your game runs quite smoothly. But if you want to play games in high resolution, then you can also connect it with TV so that your game resolution gets up to 1080p.


Let me tell you another great feature of this if you are playing a game on the screen of Nintendo, and you want to connect it to the TV, then you can do that without any interruption and the game will also continue without any trouble.



Screen Size                        6.2-inch LCD 
Screen Resolution         1280 x 720
RAM                                    4GB
Storage                               32GB 
Processor                          Nvidia Tegra X1
Processor Speed             1.02 GHz
GPU                                      Nvidia GM20B 
GPU Speed                         307.2 – 768 MHz
Connectivity                      Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 
Battery                                 4310mAh 
Battery life                          5 – 9 hours



This Nintendo switch comes with the NVN API which is ultra-lightweight, Fast performance, and low power consumption.


Talking about its controller, a separate concept has been designed for its controller, you can divide its controller into two different parts.

Nintendo Switch price in India
Image Credit: Nintendo



This controller comes with wireless features.


Now let’s talk about the price of the Nintendo switch in India:


Nintendo Switch price in India:


If you have made up your mind to buy it, then let me tell you that it is a great gaming console and its unique features like connected devices TV, tablet and handheld which is great.


You can easily buy Nintendo switch through Amazon as well as Flipkart. Talk about its price so it’s too costly as compared to another gaming console.


Nintendo Switch price in India: 38,990


you can easily buy from the Amazon and Flipkart link given below.


Nintendo Switch Amazon Price: 36,480.


Nintendo Switch price in India


Nintendo Switch Flipkart Price38,990
Nintendo Switch price in India

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