Robot Part 2 Web Series Review, Story, Cast & Release Date

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Robot Part 2 Web Series:

Robot part 2 web series

Robot 2 Web Series: You can watch all kinds of web series on the Ullu App, this platform gives you a lot of opportunities that you can entertain yourself in your free time. Many web series have been successfully launched on Ullu Web as well as web series are being watched all over the world.

Apart from this, recently he had launched the trailer of his Robot 2 web series, just like before, Robot 2 web series is also going to be as popular as Robot 1.

Ullu App Robot is going to launch all the episodes of the second part of the web series, you can talk about all the episodes of this web series on the Ullu app platform.

And we know that all the subscribers are excitedly waiting for the Robot 2 web series.

Some important scenes of Full Version have been included in the Robot 2 Web Series Trailer, in which romance scenes are also important. You will get to see once again experienced actresses like Pooja Mukherjee and Rachel.

If you want to watch this series then you should download Ullu App and you should also subscribe along with it. Ullu App is not free at all, you have to pay.

Robot 2 Web Series Cast:

Let us tell you that the two big actresses Pooja Mukherjee and Rachel are working on this web series. Both the actresses are associated with OTT Platforms and are continuously working in web series, apart from this both she is working in the lead role in robot web series Rachel Rodrigues has also worked in part one of this web series. Robot 2 Ullu web series is directed by Raju Desai and Vishal Desai.

Rachel Rodrigues

Puja Mukherji

Worship Khanna

Vijay Patkar

Navin Bawa


Robot 2


Web Series




Raju Desai and Vishal Desai


Ullu App

Release Date

31st December 2021


2Hrs 50 Minutes



Robot 2 Web Series Story:

Robot part 2 is the latest web series of Ullu app, it is an Indian Hindi language series, its first season is releasing on Ullu app, its story is about a female robot, you will love this web series because it has all some comedy romance drama.

Robot 2’s story moves on from season 1. The whole story revolves around a robot.

After the immense success of the web series Robot Part 1, now Ullu is ready to release Robot Part 2. Robot Part 2 is the sequel to Robot Part 1.

The story of the Robot 2 web series also proceeds like robot 1.

If you have seen the first part then you will understand the second part easily, first of all, you should watch the robot 2 web series trailer so that you get an idea of what can be the story as you know that till now Robot 2 web series Has not been released, is going to be released on 31st December.

But you can read a quote in the description of this robot 2 web series trailer, through this quote you can understand the story of this web series.

The doll was an ocean of wild desires, each one was standing in the way, but some other language was inside his mind.

Where to Watch Robot 2 Web series:

You can watch this web series on Ullu App, for this you have to visit Play Store or App Store, then you have to download Ullu App and subscribe to it because it is not free.

Robot 2 Web Series Release Date:

Robot part 2 web series is an upcoming Indian Hindi language web series of Ullu App, this web series will release on Ullu App or on Ullu App official website on 31st December 2021 and you will be able to watch it online.

Robot 2 Web Series Trailer:

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